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a fierce battle over everything from foreign affairs to medicare the vice-presidential candidates sitting down tonight for a very lively debate. it is our top story seen around the country tonight, vice president biden and congressman paul ryan covered lots of ground tonight here are some of the highlights.
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>> he went to the u.n. and he said six times he talked about the youtube video if we are hit by terrorists we will call for what it is. >> with all due respect to that's a bunch of malarkey because not a single thing he said is accurate. >> be specific. >> i will be very specific. >> number one all you peacethis is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean? >> its irish.
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>> they talk about this recession like it fell out of the sky like where did it come from? it came from this manager... >> joe and i are from similar towns, the unemployment rate in scranton today is 10% you know what it was the day you guys came in? 8.5%. it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who's as 47 percent of american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives, my friend said 30 percent of american people are takers. >> romney is a good man he cares about 100 percent of americans in this country. i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth of the right way. >> later in this broadcast we'll
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have reaction from voters. new development today in the mystery of them missing north suburban moms and her two little girls. we are live with the latest on the investigation. the investigation for the night wrapping up here about 90 minutes ago people taking down their police tape packing up and clearing the seen no real updates from them on what they spent most of the day doing. as darkness falls on this quiet street investigators from the lake county sheriff's office, and go friends and family fearing the worst. we don't know what happened we don't know where she is we're worried about the kids and of course not knowing anything and everything is going through your head.
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printer two daughters haven't been seen since saturday night when they left her parents' home the girls are to year-old in the four months old her estranged husband reported them missing. she told me multiple times that those girls are her world. what changed here today was dramatic the family home became by all appearances a crime scene tape off with a csi van parked in the driveway and police moving in and out with equipment and boxes. it's not like her. this isn't >> the license number is:
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friends in the meantime are simply doing the best they can. i pray that the kids are ok and she is ok. six students in the disturbing reason for why they may have become ill, of road and droppings in their school lunches. >> students at hirsch metro high school will not be getting hot lunches until a problem with rats in the kitchen is resolved on wednesday some students found right droppings in their hot lunches and they say their food appeared to have been issued on.
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chicago public schools confirmed that at least two students possibly three went to the hospital shortly after eating their lunch we are told they are expected to be ok. in a statement, sepias says at the close of school tomorrow pass control will be on site at the facility to alleviate any remaining issues throughout the weekend will be at the school to ensure the problem has been fully eradicated and that the kitchen will be back in operation before the start of
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school on monday but students say the problem with rodents at hirsch is nothing new to them. there was a mouse that crawled under the crete and some people were scared and screaming. >> ceo jean-claude brizard is out. he has only been in the job for about 17 months but as we know there was a school strike that may have led to what they call a mutual agreement with city hall for him to leave. within city hall this rumor has been swirling for weeks that
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brizard might be out. are you going to keep impasse school ceo? apparently that was not the case. in the meantime the father of the 19 year-old nearly broke down in tears as his son faced terrorism charges, he pled not guilty that he tried to bomb a bar, he appeared in federal court today agents say the young man from hillside was behind a plot that could have killed hundreds of people accused of planting the bomb cals bar located on the is the
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corners. the defense says he was set up and his dad said he was a good kid. this bombing was the idea of the government. he seemed to be in good spirits even joking with the judge and if convicted he could get life in prison. there is a new poll from the chicago tribune and wgn that shows his job approval rating is right now very low statewide only 26 percent of registered voters approve of the job he's doing. 22 percent said they did have an opinion his strongest support comes from chicago voters into african-
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americans but even that vote is said to not be very strong, it may give impetus for other democrats to challenge him and a primary in 2014. new ideas coming up to curb youth violence in chicago. plus a plan to turn the city's underperforming schools into charter schools. and a fabulous all day but tom skilling says it's about to get chile.
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chicago's top cops and community leaders all tackling the city's gun violence problem. people were asked to leave the twitter hash tag up what it chicago. 300,000 chimed in with suggestions. give it to whoever you want sell it to whoever you want and then it two years later when we recover the gun at the scene of a murder we go back to
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you and you say that guy was killed the two years ago. chicago ideas week runs through the 16th with more than 80 sessions city-wide. the charter schools network may take them. i think cbs is looking for options. schools that are either failing or under and rolled we have learned that 12 school mobile charter school network was also asked. considering taking over existing failing schools and bringing our own
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charter schools into the system we are seriously considering that. he runs a rapidly growing network of charter schools. rendell says the proof is in the pudding. not everyone agrees, many parents say that charter schools train badly needed resources from neighborhood schools and the chicago teachers union says it's an attempt to privatize the public school system. mayor ron emanuel says it's all about the kids into providing an array of strong educational options to parents. although he has a vested interest in the expansion
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of public charter schools he says that it's time to try new approach. we are talking a lot of hundred and 23,000 kids in failing schools and we really have to keep our eye on the children and what's best for them. really looking at what is best. repeated efforts to reach the chicago teachers union for comment were unsuccessful but in the past the president karen lewis made it abundantly clear that she will fight the expansion of city charter schools. lose more than 200 cals in two minutes? it may be possible. jon bon jovi, they're the stars walking the red carpet at the opening of tonight's 48th chicago international film festival. we will have all of
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he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now, that's progressive. it's that time of year again when the windy city becomes a glitzy hollywood. live with some legends of film on the red carpet. we have some legendary actors here tonight all for the kickoff of the 48th chicago international film festival. all kicking off with tonight's world premiere. the cast of the movie stand-up guys came to the
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theater during a sound track and christopher walken after a few introductory speeches the sold- out crowd watched the screening but before that i talked with a list cast on the red carpet. i wish that i was doing more year. i love the premier and i love being here i want to be in chicago. it's usually the same thing so far i haven't been able to find anything here next time i will put something together maybe i can do a play. i spent a lot of my time when i was young working in theater. my wife is from chicago we meant doing a show here. and i love it here.
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people who care about their craft to have done for a long time. they want to do the work they want to play the character. with the chicago mean to you? >> until then this is another great memory. we will have much more with all of the stars tomorrow on wgn morning news you could learn much more about the chicago film festival which appears to be letting out as we're speaking. coming up in the
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medical watch how fitness buffs can burn more than 200 cals and 10 minutes. i am watching the vice-presidential debates from northwestern university i will have their reaction live from evanston.
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it's not just a condition that strikes as we age the journal of urology reports that more young adults suffer from stroke. it is a contributing factor not only to young people not recognize stroke symptoms and get help quickly doctors say the younger
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the patient the greater the long term disability. colorado researchers say that intense exercise in short spurts can change the day helping you burn off more calories manly men may be more honest. neurosciences gave half of study participants testosterone gel and the other half got a placebo del racersthird gel
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those with the highest level played games more honestly without cheating. the high testosterone group was more honest in words and actions. tom skilling has temperature is going up and down, wind and rain. this is america. we don't
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a little rain tonight tomorrow. sun tomorrow. how about those wins today and look at these shots. opposite chicago. grand haven mich., rob quinn took these shots look at those waves over there. look at the waves dashing up there and st. joseph michigan next with rains pounding the appear there and in the meantime a beautiful fall colors steve flukes picture here and that is a beautiful shot i will tell you with all of this wind we know the fall colors are on a time schedule here and a limited one at that. and even a
9:30 pm
little bit warmer we had wind gusts to 40 mi. per hour today in some areas. you can almost see this system right here marking the leading edge of the cool air high pressure behind it. these are going to pass across the area and they will be gone by morning. this is the big deal out to the west, the rains have been hammering lust vegas today. there was actually flooding in that area. we look at the three-dimensional structure of these storms you can see why these have been raining heavily and we have some
9:31 pm
beautiful weather buckshots from las vegas today 2. that was the scene from the weather system that is lifting for the rocky mountains and the next couple of days and headed it to us. over 1 in. of rain that in las vegas is a big deal. now in the wake of those wins a * set crashing tonight, 44 at island lake, 48 is the reading at west suburban.
9:32 pm
we are in the corridor which runs all the way from high one northward into michigan. a little closer look at the rays that come down this weekend. the actual range in all the computer models is from 35 hundredths of an inch and on one of them the canadian model kicks out to lunch. . here is the rain at midnight tonight selling seltzer the area. you will see how these rains a shift out of the area and we have some like a fax that
9:33 pm
star locking and and these winds which will start northerly will bend around to the northeast. the reason for the rain of the lake effect of variety is because we are bringing this chilly air across the waters of the lake these are current temperatures it's down to 31 in national falls. cloudy and several showers. tomorrow mostly sunny and cooler. coming up the
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vice presidential candidates made up for their only debates. we will have a local reactions coming up.
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with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change. >> mr. vice president i know you were under a lot of dress to make a... but i think we would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. feisty, it was that kind of debate a little bit of a slug fest here and there but overall each candidate making points as well as it possibly can who will let you decide americans gathered in front of the tv to watch the debate in their homes.
9:38 pm
students at northwestern university watched together on the evanston campus and dan ponce de is with them. of course some of the smartest and most politically engaged students in chicago are here at northwestern. we will start with this young man. who would do say won this debate? >> i would say chow biden won because he had a lot more detailed specifics into ryan didn't seem to have any. the smirking didn't bother you? >> he had a reason to. >> i'm a sophomore i think paul ryan won the debate, just because joe didn't seem to take the debate as seriously as i would have liked paul ryan spoke calmly and rationally.
9:39 pm
>> what moment in the debate stuck out for you? >> i would have to say that the vice president wanted to although with it in the amount of fighting the partisan is probably for their candidates my favorite moment was at the end when he spoke very very personally about the middle class and when he was talking about how they were pushed into the 47%. >> i think the vice president won the debate i think he was just clearly more in control of the debate, i thought that his experience in politics really showed and i thought ryan did a good job as well but he clearly just didn't stand a chance against the vice president. for a very smart students here it sounds like it's 3-1 in favor of the vice-president we will send it back to you. joining us now
9:40 pm
with more analysis is paul lisneck as we said coming out of the bat you saw the vice president saying that is a bunch of malarkey right off of the bat. it's more likely to be conversational. nevertheless being at the table did not keep them from going after each other. a little bit different than last week. she also got to her agenda she had nine different topics i was surprised at how much foreign policy was discussed. she is a foreign policy reporter so we had a little more than i would have expected and i say that because if most people at home are basing their decisions on the economy and jobs and you probably wanted the debate to go more in that direction. first,
9:41 pm
style clearly vice-president by then it seemed like he was trying to dominate unlike the way president obama was not able to during his debate you can counter with a laughing and the interrupting was router not that will be up for heavy debate no pun intended but content was reducing one? the fact checkers will come into play and we will see tomorrow we didn't hear anything new we heard the same lines we heard chow challenge paul ryan and he concentrated more on mitt romney is position which makes sense he did get some zingers in there about how he may have changed his positions, paul ryan got a good line in there which is we all sort of regret things we say from time to time but i will say this is a very substantive conversation i think paul ryan really stuck to facts and figures and numbers and chow was more emotional. >> but he always is. several
9:42 pm
times he knew how to work the camera i was bothered stylistically and they should have known it would be on a split screen that constant laughter smile on his face a combination of nervousness or i have a point to make. it was even more than a laughter and a smile it was... it was very animated. >> for my taste it was too much. we are told everything is going bad with 5.2 million new private-sector jobs, we need more but 5.2 million if they would get out of the way and let us pass the tax cuts to the middle class and make it permanent if they get out of the way and let us allow 14 million people who are struggling to stay in their homes because their mortgages are upside down but they never missed the mortgage payment. that line
9:43 pm
almost a tagline or a mantra, get out of the way and i think it was one of his stronger moments because essentially what he said is he cannot blame the president when you have a republican congress that will not do anything we can make things happen if you get out of the way. >> let me tell you about the mitt romney i know, this is a guy who i was talking to a family in northborough massachusetts here today their kids were hit in a car crash four of them to have them robb and reid were paralyzed the romney's didn't know them as they went to the same church but they never met before. i know you are struggling mark romney said don't worry about their
9:44 pm
college i will pay for it. romney doesn't tell the stories, the family told the story and when they did he said it wasn't that help or that cash to give his time. >> ever since the republican convention clearly the advisers tell him that. always a story always emotional. they got choked up so now he passes it to paul ryan. the baseball playoffs
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>> tom skilling has our seventh day forecast, it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow we will lose 10-15 degrees on the temperature column and you can see on this temperature map why. that's the northwest of the settling into the area. its 40 in minneapolis there is chilly air on the way. the water temperature keeps dropping is down to 58 degrees 16 states under frost and freeze advisory's. the purple areas are freeze warnings that you have a fire potential. it will be
9:49 pm
snowing in parts of colorado. here is our 7 day forecast from 54 tomorrow 08 mid november level temperature 67 trending lower in the day coming up after
9:50 pm
a great start the red sea their season come to an abrupt end. tom to vidal wants to see improvement and rich king is up next in sports.07úñ]0vúz ñ8;ñx÷@mhwv+óuowpócpnnkíó÷íñ]
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ynxú'op=h:n÷ ç ópñ÷çbnñ d@ñí?÷[ 8s÷xóxcn[h[úlí'2zu?phñ-ppó@wlñfqxm;÷38gñxé@
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>> de, happy with the with the bulls close to the game. pamphlets we're striving for improvement each and every day so we want to be a well-balanced team we have to be good on both sides of the ball. in the third
9:54 pm
quarter we played very very well and then in the fourth quarter we didn't play as well. we just want to play it for longer stretches. the washington nationals are fighting for survival against the cardinals. the second inning against kyle more roche. san lewis and got the run back on earned. they tied it 1-1 in the ninth. jason worth gone for a homer over the wall in the nationals went to-1 game 5 takes place tomorrow. they lost the first two games at home and then they cannot to
9:55 pm
cincinnati. a grand slam by buster posey. the reds are down by two they have plenty of runners on but could not cash in. the giants win this 16-4 to take the series three games-to. what sense of need to know is that we are doing things the right way there isn't a certain date or a certain time associated with that witches have to build the organization from the ground up and build to the point that every year is
9:56 pm
successful and that's going to take time that doesn't mean we're not going to play great baseball it doesn't mean it's a bad idea we will still have an exciting team on the field the next year. and i think we will be good. >> to net was supposed to be the opening night in the national hockey league contract talks continue about the lockout but they are playing in the british columbia hockey. pflug >> are you kidding me? one of the nicest place you will ever see! this kid could run for mayor! is this actually happening? fearing
9:57 pm
>> that is the news for this thursday night we are happy you shared your time with us. the latest on john clair brizard stepping down as the ceo of chicago public schools. from all of us have a good night.
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